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Let’s Find Out is a local history podcast about Edmonton/Amiskwaciwâskahikan. We take research journeys with listeners to find out answers to their questions about the city. Here’s a good summary of our approach.

We’ve explored a lot of themes and stories over the years. Here are some highlights to get started with.

Staff Picks

These stories are some of our favourites – for what we learned, or for the ripples they’ve had out in the world.

Episode 4: The Klan Query

This episode: The Klan Query. Rebecca Jade asks whether we can put a plaque where the Ku Klux Klan used to publish their newspaper in Edmonton – The Liberator. Along […]

Episode 21: About Green Onion Cakes

Daniel Emberg wanted to know why green onion cakes (or 葱油饼) took hold in Edmonton when they did. He flew in from Winnipeg to join us for a live panel […]

Episode 6: The Great Apartment Caper

This episode: The Great Apartment Caper. Pamela Learmond asks me to help her verify whether her grandpa Mike Ewasiw really had an entire apartment building moved down 97 Street. Seriously, […]

Humans and Nature

In 2019, listeners helped us build a whole season about relationships between humans and the rest of nature in Edmonton.

Episode 31: How Nature Shapes Us

From clearing the prairies with fire to planting elm trees along our streets, humans have been shaping the land in the Edmonton area for millennia. […]

Amandah and Billie look at Billie's book, Living in the Shed

Episode 32: Dam Complicated

Amandah van Merlin asks how have dams changed our relationship with the North Saskatchewan River. In February, we put together a live recording of Let’s […]

Alison in her kitchen at home, stirring a pot of high bush cranberries

Episode 33: Kalyna Country

Alison Brooks-Starks asks how folks from Ukraine settled where they did in Canada – was it because the landscapes here looked like places in Ukraine? […]

Episode 34: The Dredge Report

Allan Farrell asks what’s up with a picture of a gold dredge he saw on a plaque downtown, and where the gold in the North […]

Stewart Steinhauer and Shelley Jodoin-Chouinard stand beside a new bear sculpture headed for MacEwan University

Episode 35: Bear Country

Shelley Jodoin-Chouinard asks if the proliferation of lawns in Edmonton has anything to do with the absence of bears in the city. Listen first, then […]

Episode 36: The Climate-Proof Farm

Denise Chang-Yen (yes, Chris’ mom) asks whether climate change will end up being a net benefit for farms in our area. Listen first, then scroll […]

A Northern blazing star in bloom in the Bruderheim area, with a butterfly alighted on one bloom

Episode 38 – Leaving Bruderheim

Dustin Bajer asks whether we have a responsibility to help local species adapt to climate change by helping them migrate. We spoke to Scott Nielsen, […]

Episode 39 – The Most Edmonton Species

Marlena Wyman asks what wildlife species are so adapted to city life that they depend on the city to survive? We decided to answer with […]

Dylan and Chris smile in front of train tracks in Jasper

Episode 40 – Is Jasper a Wild Place?

Dylan Hall and Chris Chang-Yen Phillips take a road trip to the Rockies, to figure out whether Jasper National Park is a wild place. These […]

Episode 41 – How We Make Nature

The way we think about a thing can totally change the way we behave. We talk about nature as if it’s something outside of us. […]

Mirama Restaurant Series

A series exploring one local restaurant’s epic highs and lows.

A handdrawn illustration of the Mirama restaurant canopy sign out front. Illustrated by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

Episode 43 – Mirama Memories

Reporter Nathan Fung asks Grace Law what she remembers of the old Mirama restaurant on 94 St. and Jasper Ave, and what did this old dim sum place mean to […]

Episode 44 – Salad Days at Mirama

Part 2 of our miniseries about the Mirama Dining & Lounge dim sum restaurant: How does Mirama fit in the wider history of Edmonton’s Chinatown? How did business go for […]

An illustration of an older man wearing an ARVN uniform. The illustration is black and white except for the South Vietnamese flag on his shoulder, which is yellow and red.

Episode 45 – A Feast for Veterans

Part 3 of our miniseries about the Mirama Dining & Lounge dim sum restaurant: Mike Tulley is a former sound engineer with CJSR. Reporter Nathan Fung talks to Mike about […]

Episode 46 – Marriage and Murder at the Mirama

Part 4 of our miniseries about the Mirama Dining & Lounge dim sum restaurant: what exactly happened at the 2004 fight in the restaurant and what is there to know […]