Episode 6: The Great Apartment Caper

Pamela Learmond smiles at the camera with a bright orange visitor's badge around her neck
Pamela Learmond at the Alberta Legislature Library

This episode: The Great Apartment Caper. Pamela Learmond asks me to help her verify whether her grandpa Mike Ewasiw really had an entire apartment building moved down 97 Street.

An apartment building seen across a busy street with cars passing by.
The building in question: 11835 97 Street, AKA Gateway Apartments.

Seriously, listen to the whole episode before you read any of the bonus material below. You’ll be glad you did.

spoilers below


A two and a half story apartment building viewed from across the street, with bare trees all around and a clear blue sky.
Another picture of the current location of the apartment building, 11835 97 Street. The building is called Gateway Apartments nowadays.

Our first stop trying to verify this story was the Legislature Library, which has issues of the Edmonton Sun dating back to April 2, 1978.

Anyone can get a card and borrow books for free from the Legislature Library (after you get through the metal detector). They collect books on law, history, environmental issues, politics, and basically anything else that might prove useful for MLAs to read. They keep copies of newspapers all around Alberta, and they also keep a record of goings-on in the Legislature.

A hamburger in a cube of lucite, labelled "Sessional Papers"
The burger.

The jewel of their collection, in my opinion, is the hamburger that MLA Clarence Copithorne tabled for debate in the Legislative Assembly in 1969. It recently popped up in the news again.

Clues and evidence we talked about in the podcast:

And it’s worth seeing every one of these pictures:

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