Episode 60 – A Beautiful Ex-Garbage Dump

Karen Unland asks: When did we stop dumping garbage into river valley spaces and start turning them into parks?

Louise McKinney Park on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in 2013 [Photo: IQRemix on Flickr]
In this episode, former historian laureate Shirley Lowe walks us through three stories: how the Grierson Hill dump became Louise McKinney Park, how the Strathcona dump and gravel mine became Hawrelak (aka Mayfair) Park, and how the Beverly Dump became Rundle Park.

Karen Unland and Shirley Lowe.

William Humberstone and Beata Humberstone (née Bauer) on the Humberstone Farm in Beverly, 1917 [Photo: City of Edmonton Archives EB-39-59]
A view of the Humberstone Coal Mine in 1910. The mine became the Beverly Dump before being converted into Rundle Park. [Photo” City of Edmonton Archives EB-39-77]
Following the road into Rundle Park in 1980 [Photo: City of Edmonton Archives ET-28-1652]
An essential reading for listeners interested in this story is Russell Cobb’s series Edmonton: A World Class Dump (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) on ECAMP.

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