Episode 48 – Back to School

chris chang-yen phillips stands ready for school at the university of alberta. photo by finn phillips.

The next chapter for Let’s Find Out (and Chris).

Trevor Chow-Fraser asks Chris Chang-Yen Phillips to talk through his days as a wee student starting school, what the purpose of a university education is, and why he’s headed to the University of Alberta to pursue a Masters’ degree in history.

In the next phase of Let’s Find Out, Chris will be sharing what he’s learning, and how.

We won’t be taking listener questions at the moment, but we are inviting you to send in audio clips for a new segment: Fact Finders. Send us an audio recording and tell us about one of your favourite resources for learning about local history! It could be a book, a grandma, an old souvenir from a festival in the ’60s, a local museum, whatever is filling your local history boots these days. We’ll feature some of them on future episodes.

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