Episode 8: How We Know What’s True (Live)

Dave Cournoyer, Sarah Hoyles, Chris, and Kisha Supernant in front of the Let’s Find Out sign. Kudos to Finn Phillips for making the sign.

Under an avalanche of fake news and misinformation, it seems more important than ever to understand how we know what’s true. On March 11, 2017 we brought out a panel of speakers to The Needle Vinyl Tavern in Edmonton. They answered audience questions about how they know what’s true in their field.

Our panelists in this episode:
– Dr. Kisha Supernant (Métis Anthropology Professor & Archaeologist at the University of Alberta)
– Dave Cournoyer (Writer/Political Watcher at daveberta.ca)
– Sarah Hoyles (Producer behind the ECAMP podcast on Edmonton history)

spoilers below

All photos for this episode by Kate Lucyk

Further reading:


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