Oct 3: A Ritchie Walk with Oumar Salifou

oumar salifou speaks into a microphone in front of a store, with a tour participant beside him

Coming up on Saturday, October 3 we’re offering another historical walking tour of Edmonton’s Ritchie neighbourhood!

Join guest host Oumar Salifou (check out his great new podcast Is This for Real?) for a tour of Ritchie, a neighbourhood in central Edmonton filled with history and relevant connections to community changes impacting our city. Edmonton is undergoing radical change with a homelessness crisis, climate change, and rapid gentrification. This historical walk will introduce new stories at three stops around the Ritchie neighbourhood.

Our first and second excursions in the neighbourhood taught us about street trees, a cattle escape, and shoe repair. Last year Oumar taught us about about the neighbourhood’s meatpacking history, waves of German immigration, and iconic local wildlife.

You can come for the 11 AM or 2 PM tour. We’re proud to be partnering with the Ritchie Community League again for these walks.

Register for the walk today to save your spot! Tickets are $25 or free for Ritchie Community League members. Attendance will be limited to help maintain physical distancing on the walk.

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  1. 1940 Henderson Directory shows the store at 9760 – 76 Ave was know as Southend Meat and Grocery. Mr Pohl was living in the house next door. There were a number of grocery stores in the area. Ritchie Grocery was just down the Avenue at 99 st and 76 Ave. August Fenske was the owner and he lived at 99 st and 77 Ave. In those days stores were family run and they operated long hours. Living close by was a necessity. Many families lived in the back of the store.

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