Long Weekend Update

The Ritchie Community League logo - two trees with one big happy ball of leaves on top.

Two pieces of business:

First, I’m looking for questions about an Edmonton neighbourhood. You might know that back in the day, I helped run walks and workshops in Old Strathcona about local history, culture, and nature. Well, I’m doing it again in Ritchie in June!

Do you have burning questions about Ritchie’s history? I want to help you find out the answers with a walking tour and a podcast. Email questions to chris@letsfindoutpodcast.com. Maybe you’ve wondered what’s up with the trees that got cut down on Whyte Ave, who was here 150 years ago, or whether it’s true that trains ran through Mill Creek Ravine, or whether this area was ever underneath a glacier. Send in anything you’re curious about.

On Sunday, June 4, I’ll be collaborating with the Ritchie Community League to lead a walk around the neighbourhood based on your questions. And later in June, highlights from the walk will be featured on Let’s Find Out.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming neighbourhood walk!

Secondly, we’re hiring. I’m looking for an Assistant Producer for this podcast. Lots more details here. The application deadline is Monday, May 29.

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